5 things that annoy me.

1.The money boxes you can buy that only have an opening for money and are made of glass so you have to  smash them open if you want to get your money out. I mean like the glass would get everywhere and you’d have to clean it all up so its just plain stupid.image

2. Dabbing-OMG, it’s so annoying I see people doing this everywhere! I mean it’s just so stupid,you could break your nose doing it! Ugh,it irritates me so much!👺😾😤image

3.Bottle Flipping – I see people doing this everywhere and it’s so stupid. You could probably break your bottle and literally some people I’ve seen who landed their bottle flip and they have been so happy,it’s just kinda sad.🍼imageimage

4.Jacob Satorius-Need I say anymore?

5.Nokia Blockias! -they are so old and clunky and they are many better phones on the market ,that aren’t so expensive!image

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I promise I’ll post soon!

Ciao, Meabh Xx

Ps:My favourite emoji at the moment is….🧀Or 🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓


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