Liebster Award


August 31, 2016
Bonjour guys,

Today I am going to be doing the Liebster Award, I was nominated by Beautiful by Bella!


Post 11 facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions from your nominator
Nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions (let them know you nominated them)


I would like to nominate all my readers and followers as you are all great and this is a fun award so I hope you do it!


Facts about me.

My birthday is in December
My favourite colour is sky blue
My favourite T.V show is 90210 or The Great British Bake Off
I live in Ireland.
I have a 14 year old cat called Bobby and a 5 year old dog named Sandy!🐶🐱
I play tennis and  (field) hockey!🎾
I love Carbonara
I love the smell of coconut but I have never tried it.
I love 21 pilots.
My favourite book is Dandelion Clocks by Rebecca WestCott.
I am 11 years old.

Bella’s Questions :

1.What is your favorite animal?

I love dogs but I used to do horse riding  so I love horses too.
2.Who is your celeb crush?

Joe Sugg or Leonardo DiCaprio
3.What year is one you’ll always remember?

I am not sure but I think I’ll remember all of them?
4. If you could be an celebrity who would you be?

Probably Zoella because she has a great life.😭
5.Where do you want to travel in the world?

Paris or New York!
6.Least favorite body part in general?

I don’t really have one!

7.What color is your bedroom?

I have white walls and wallpaper that has mainly blue colours in it.
8.What phone do you have?

I have some type of Huawei,I don’t know what it’s called!
9.Favorite movie?

Probably Legally Blonde,it’s really good and cheesy and I love cheesy movies!
10.Do you want to change your hair when you’re older? What will you change about it?

I don’t think I will change anything about it,but I might change my mind!
11.What’s your favorite app and why?

I love whatsapp and ooVoo!

My Questions:

What has been your favourite place that you traveled to?

If you could change your name,what would you change it too?

What is your favourite song?

Do you like to bake and if you do ,what do you like to bake?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What is your favourite shop?

What is your favourite food?

Does your best friend has a nickname for you and if so what is it?

Have you ever gotten your nails painted in a salon?

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

What is your favourite piece of clothing that you own?



Thanks for reading!

Meabh Xx



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