Healthy (sorta) School Lunch

Bonjour guys,

so today I started back to school and  I’m going to tell you how to make a delicious school lunch ,hope you enjoy this post ,comment below your views.

QOTD:What’s your favorite band?

AOTD:All Time Low!


Part 1; Couscous

You will need

  • a desired amount of couscous
  • Boiling water to cook the couscous
  • Some butter
  • Some peppers


  1. Put the couscous in a saucepan pour over boiling water and bring to heatimage
  2. Simmer for the time it says on the packet (I know I’m an amazing cook ain’t I *sarcasm* ,though normally I am!)
  3. When the couscous is cooked melt some butter in it and fluff
  • Chop up a pepper , throw in and mix

The great thing about this is ,couscous is delicious cold so you don’t need a flask or something to keep it warm ,you can just stick it in a Tupperware!!!!


Part 2; A yummy fruit salad

You will need

  • A handful of blueberries
  • A couple of strawberries and raspberries
  • A few bits of pineapple (haha Maria I have pineapple)

Chop up the fruits and put in Tupperware!

Squeeze some lemon juice over your salad to flavor it and to keep it from rotting in your bag during the day

Finished! It’s literally soooo easy and delicious!

Now that you’ve made those healthy foods it’s time to sort of indulge yourself.

I popped in my lunchbox 2 chocolate covered rice cakes and the healthy rice cake balances out the chocolate so it’s okay (well that’s what I told myself anyway).You can wrap them in Tinfoil (can we please take a moment to praise my tinfoil wrapping skills,literally only reason I put that photo in hehehe)image.jpeg

Part 3;A drink

Okay so obviously water is the healthiest option but it can be a bit bland so if your school lets you have Miwadi you can put some in,my personal favorite is adding a bit of elderflower cordial ( literally have an obsession with elderflower )

I hope anyone who has recently started back to school has a great year!📆📓📕📘📗📙📚📒✂️📔

Speak soon

Meabh Xx


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