Primrose Bakery!

imageWhen I was in London a short while ago,I stumbled across the nicest bakery and cafè ever and thus my love for Primrose Bakery began.

I knew the minute I walked in the door of P.B that I was going to have a lovely time. The bakery was mainly decorated in yellow ,light blue and pink. The menu consists of lovely cupcakes in a range of different flavours. The two times I visited (in 3 days!hehe) I ordered the chocolate cupcake and the Crunchie Cupcake ,though my dad ordered the Peanut Butter one and said it was amazing also! They also had a range of gift products such as vanilla scented rubbers (erasers) and garlands with silver streamers and basically pretty things plus they have I think 4 of their own cookbooks! I had to take about ten pictures of the beautiful place but as my phone just randomly deleted all my photos (Never buy a Samsung Fame,they’re awful p.s Samsung please don’t sue me,it’s just my opinion!😁)I just have one that I posted on Instagram so it was safe from my awful phone hehehe!

So if you are ever in London pop into Primrose Bakery,they have 3 locations which are all listed on their website (linked below) and tell them that I recommended it to you!

Have a lovely evening and I’ll post soon!

Meabh Xx

Primrose Bakery Website:


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