9 weird bookish facts about me!

1.I can read way more than one book at a time,in fact I am often reading 3 or 4 books at a time!

2.I can read in the car,if I couldn’t read in the car my life would be so boring!

3.I own a kindle,which is so handy because the books are a lot cheaper on the kindle store and it’s like a portable library but… I prefer holding a physical book than an electronic one!(but I still love my kindle paperwhite,I bought the paper white one because I bought it just to read books not to download apps or look on the Internet)

4.I did read the Harry Potter books when I was 8 and I re-read them 3 times but… They didn’t leave a lasting impression on me, I’m re-reading them at the moment but still they just don’t impress me really!

5.I love the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore but I didn’t read the 1st book in the series ,I picked up the second book at a 2nd hand book sale and just read on from them but I never read the first book!?!

6.I hate when a good book is made into a movie because I think that they sometimes cut out good scenes or don’t include a witty line.Saying that I would love if  a Girl Online Movie was released!😜

7.I hate it when I’m reading ,say a newspaper article at the same time as another person as I am quite a fast reader so I have normally read the page and just have to wait a minute for the other person to finish

8.I don’t have a favourite author but I love Cathy Cassidy,Robert Muchamore ,Zoe Sugg, Julia Green,Sharon Creech ,Liz Kessler and Rebecca Stead and Rebecca Westcott (Westcott wrote my fave book ever ,Dandelion Clocks.)

9.I like it when I have a book that has a unique cover,so basically if my friend and I have the same book,I like it when my book has a different cover design! Get me?


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