June Favourites!

Hello, fellow earthlings its me Meabh. So sorry I haven’t been posting in a while ,but I’m going to do a June favourites post, I know it’s a bit late but still ,let’s get started!


I have been loving the Meadow Flower perfume from Penneys (Primark),this smells amazing and was only €3.50.I also get a lot of compliments about my scent when I’m wearing it!image

I have been loving this lipgloss from H&M in the colour Berlin Night,it is a matte lipgloss and moisturises and it also tastes really nice!

I absolutely love the Zoella Tutti Fruity Candy Cream Softening body lotion (what a mouthful) This has the tutti fruity scent and has little hot pink beads in it that pop and slightly tints the lotion but then rubs in,it leaves your skin smelling Divine all day!image

YouTube wise I have been watching a lot of MamaMiaMakeup recently and really enjoy it. Mia is so pretty and funny and her videos are very entertaining!image

I read the book Drawing With Light by Julia Almond recently and it was amazing. It was about a girl whose mother left when she was younger and her quest to find her mother ,I won’t spoil it but just read it I would really recommend it and there is a sequel which I am buying A.S.A.P!image

Omg, I watched the movie 500 days of Summer and it was amazing , and Zooey Deschanel is so pretty. I would give it 8* out of 10,

I hope you have a nice summer,like,comment ,follow my blog and check out Maria’s summer themed Instagram account it is called fashfeen_


Meabh Xx


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