D.I.Y Coffee Scrub

Hello,first I would like to say “why hasn’t no one got the quiz I posted,I’m ashamed of you all(joking)”,also I made this scrub as an experiment and it’s so good and most people might have the ingredients in their house already!

You will need

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • A glop* of Olive Oil/Rapeseed Oil/Vegetable Oil it doesn’t matter what oil you want to use.
  • 2 scoops of coffee (duh)

*see bottom


1.Mix the sugar and the oil.

2. Add coffee.

3.Mix and put in container (it is essential that the container is blue) *.

4.Scrub on after your shower gel and wash off ,you will smell like Starbucks for the rest of the day!


Glop=large drizzle

The container doesn’t have to be blue.

I don’t actually  like the taste of coffee it just smells good!


Ok,thank you for putting up to my silliness on this post and I’ll hopefully post tomorrow!

Lots of Love

Meabh Xx (200 points if you read,300 for comment and 250 for like)



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