What to do when you sick

Hello everyone,so today I woke up with a bad cold , a sore throat and was extremely run down.  So I stayed home from school as we only had a half day.

Staying home when you’re sick is relaxing buuuut you can get bored so here are a few things to do when you’re sick!

  1. Have a bath,pop in a Lush product or Make Your Own Bath Bomb ,this is so relaxing and can help you just to breathe and you will feel a lot better after this!image
  2. 2.Binge watch YouTube videos, it doesn’t matter if it’s a video of Disney Channel stars before and after or an extremely interesting … Niki and Gabi video, you’re sick what else could you do?

3. You could also hop over to Netflix and watch a movie or start watching a new T.V series (I’m LOVING 90210 atm)

4.Sleep , nothing is better than some good ol shut eye (that’s so cringy,I apologise

5. Start a blog or if you already have one post on it,customise it whatever you want to do!


So, I hope you enjoyed this post , like,comment or reblog if you love it that much😆. I hope you guys try some of these things out,not just when you’re sick but when you’re having a lazy day or just chillin!

Speak soon

Meabh Xx


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