The Experimenter Bath Bomb

The Experimenter bath bomb is probably the best Lush Product ,I have ever used. And trust me I’ve used many!

This beauty had been sitting on my windowsill for 2 months now and my room smelt amazing.  Last week when I had a bath I popped this baby in and Wow. The experimenter smells like vanilla but not that sweet if you get me. Not only did it send out layers of brightly scented foam it also contained popping candy which made it not just a bath but an AMAZING bath. The Experimenter is shaped like a kind of  3:D hexagon (for want of a better description ) and contains colours such as purple,pink,blue,yellow ,orange.

The only downside of this bath bomb is that when the colours all mixed it left my bath water grey and murky ,but after that amazing show ,how could I complain?

The Experimenter sells for £4.25/€5.45 and is well worth that reasonable price for this amazing bath bomb!






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