Bucket List Progress

Ok,so I know it isn’t the summer holidays yet but I thought I’d just see what I’ve done on my bucket list. So sit back relax and ENJOY THIS POST. (You know you want to)

Make yummy ice pops =check

I made elderflower cordial and strawberry ones , they were delicious. I got my inspiration from http://www.poppydeyes.com/elderflower-ice-lollies/


Sleeping outside with Maria and some of our other best friends=check

The other day it was our friend Cathy’s* birthday party and we slept outside in a tent and had the best night of our lifes. We literally stayed up all night (apart from when Cathy and Maria went to sleep for an hour an 4:00, but still),we were all exhausted and slept all the next day but it was so worth it.

Take a cool pic in a photo booth= check

At Cathys birthday party she had a photo boot and with a box full of props.My friend took a photo of me and Maria in it and it was so cute!

Go bowling =check

I went with everyone from my class as a *bonding experience* and it was really fun. I’m also going as part of my school tour!

Give myself an amazing manicure=check

I gave myself a summer fruits manicure loosely based on this Studio Diy one (one of my fave blogs!)

So I’ve already done loads of those things already and it’s not even summer (nine more days oh yeah ,oh yeah ) So see you soon

Love Meabh Xx





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