Summer Bucket List!

Today I’m going to be doing a Summer bucket list.So, like if you enjoy this post and comment what else you’d like me to blog about … Without further ado lets get into the post.

  1. Have an amazing picnic
  2. Have an amazing water fight
  3. See the sun rise
  4. Make yummy ice pops (I’m thinking pink lemonade with lemon and strawberry bits?)
  5. Buy a digital camera (leave suggestions in comments)
  6. Go crab catching
  7. Take a picture every day and make an amazing flipagram video
  8. Tie dye some clothes
  9. Ask for a cheeseburger without cheese ☺️🙃
  10. Make Lemonade
  11. Make s’mores
  12. Have a summer scrapbook
  13. Say yes to everything for a …… whole week (eek)
  14. Super glue a 2 euro coin onto the ground
  15. Make a time capsule
  16. Send a message in a bottle
  17. Make homemade jam
  18. Send a letter to Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter
  19. Make an outdoor cinema in my back garden
  20. Give a fake name at Starbucks
  21. Have a tech free day
  22. Sleeping outside with Maria and some of our other best friends
  23. Plan a successful prank
  24. Celebrate a random day E.g: As I’m writing this (7th of June ) it’s Chocolate ice cream day. I learnt this fact from Days of the year
  25. Take a cool pic in a photo booth
  26. Try and break a world record
  27. Release a paper lantern
  28. Try ten things I’ve never tried before
  29. Make great memories
  30. Have fun!!!!!!!
  31. Go for a forest bike ride
  32. Go bowling
  33. Learn how to do one cool gymnastic thing
  34. Go to the zoo
  35. Give myself an awesome manicure. I quite like the ones from Studio Diy
  36. Go zip lining (and don’t be scared halfway through and come down this embarrassing yourself at someone’s birthday party, not that this has ever happened to me *nervous laugh and shifty eyes*
  37. Chalk my hair

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