I received this camera as a Christmas present and was extremely happy with it. It comes in a range of different colours ; black, white, yellow ,blue , pink, raspberry and grape.

The camera couldn’t be easier to use ; you simply turn it on , press the button and your photo pops out. There is a viewfinder that you can look through to see what your photo is going to look like. This is useful as you want to know what your photo is going to look like before you take your photo , because once your press the button your photo will instantly print.
Pros of the Fujifilm camera
Photos are printed as soon as you take them and will be fully developed in 3-5 minutes.This is great because you instantly have a photo instead of having to wait until you go to the print shop to get your photos printed.
At Christmas , I was able to take photos of my relatives and when they were going home they could take their photos home with them and they still have them!
The photos have a cute white retro border around them.
There are many accessories for the camera such as a bag, stickers and lenses that will make your photos different colours.
You can hang your photos up on your wall with pretty ribbon and pegs.

Cons of the Fujifilm camera
If you are not happy with the way you look in a photo there’s no going back as it will already be printed and as
film for the camera is quite expensive in a lot of shops you don’t want this to happen.
Lots of people will be jealous you have such a cool camera 😉!

I am totally in love with this camera and love the fact that you can hold memories in your hands just moments after they’ve happened!





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