25 facts about me!!!

~I am 11 years old.

~ I have a large collection of perfumes.

~ I love taking photos and baking.

~ My favourite book is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg/Zoella.

~I love writing stories and blogs and drawing.

~I have dark brown hair.

~My favourite colours are rose gold, pink and  light blue.

~My favourite time of year is Christmas.

~My best friend has a blog ; Mariahasablog.wordpress.com ( I’ll leave a link at the bottom)

~ I have a dog called Sandy who is a golden retriever and a black and white cat called Bobby.

~ My favourite shop is Lush and my favourite bath bomb is the Experimenter.

~ I LOVE Pringles especially the sour cream and onion flavour.

~ I love Soap & Glory products.

~I love the scent of strawberries.

~ I want to work as an Interior Designer when I grow up.

~ I love  All time Low and 21 pilots.

~ My favourite flowers are Lilies.

~ My favourite blogger is Zoella.

~ I like Panic! At the Disco , I have Maria my best friend to thank for that!

~ I play hockey and tennis.

~I love pamper parties.

~ My camera is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.

~ I play the violin.

~ My favourite song is Stressed Out by 21 pilots.

~ I absolutely love blogging even though I just started doing it.


Maria’s Blog; https://mariahasablogblog.wordpress.com/


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